Software Downloads for the Commodore 64

C64Show.com does not host any of these files.


A huge repository of Commodore 64 software, manuals, repair guides, and more at The Internet Archive. Please consider donating to support this extensive resource if you download.

Planet Emulation

This archive is absolutely amazing in its scope. A huge collection of software images in .d64, .crt, and .tap formats, as well as other less used formats. The site is in French, but easy to use even if you don't know French. Or, in Chrome, right-click and select "Translate".

Vintage Volts

Lots of great information on this page, not just Commodore 64. What makes this page especially unique is that the disk images are all from the site owner's own collection, and there is a section for HAM Radio disks. Check out their podcast, too!

Commodore Server

Okay, this is pretty amazing. We will probably wind up doing a whole show about this site inthe future. Connect your C64 to their server using a modem and their software - and you can upload, share, and search for software just like on a modern appstore.

Hardware Plans / Designs for the Commodore 64

Shared Projects Pages at PCBway

Find projects for SD Card drives, wifi modems, cartridges, and more. Shown is an XUM1541 project, allowing you to transfer files between a 1541 drive and a PC. Tons of plans are on this site.

SD2iEC Project

The project page for SD2iEC, a project by that lets you transfer software images in several formats to an SD card using a PC, and then use that card as a floppy disk drive onyour Commodore 64. You will find many ways of building one across the web.

Pi1541 Project

Another disk drive emulator project. More expensive than SD2iEC to build, but as it fully emulates the I/O of a 1541 drive, it can run things with elaborate protection schemes that SD2iEC drives cannot. Requires a Raspberry Pi in addition to the control "hat".


CBMstuff.com is for people who want CBM stuff, but don't necessarily want to build it themselves. Shown to the left is a wifi modem to connect your C64 to the internet over your wifi router. They also sell interesting floppy drive mods.